It’s All About The Herb!

It’s All About The Herb!

We all know that the smudging ritual is unique to the individual because it is based on their intent and purpose! It is because of this, that many people choose a variety of  different herbs and woods to burn. With all the different ways to smudge and all the different herbs to use, how does one choose which herb is best? This can be very overwhelming for some, especially if you are new to the smudging experience! If this is particularly true in your case there’s no need to worry! You have come to the right place! 


Although many herbs can be used for smudging, it is important to know that they all have specific meaning. So the answer to which herb is best really depends on the practitioner and his/her intended purpose for smudging. Below is a basic surface level list of common smudging herbs and what they are believed in achieving. 


  • White Sage- purifies cleanses and protects
  • Lavender- calms and relaxes and protects 
  • Rose Sage- purifies and attracts love 
  • Palo Santo (wood)- purifies and uplifts 
  • Yerba Santa- purifies protects decongests 
  • Rosemary- cleanses and protects
  • Cedar- blesses and protects 
  • Juniper- Energizes and purifies 

Now that you have a list you can pick and choose based on what resonates with you! Now go out and spread some positivity Love & Light! 

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