New to Smudging?!

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New to Smudging?!

Are you interested in smudging or burning sage but you don’t quite know enough about it?! Well that’s awesome because you are in the right place. 
Smudging is the ancient practice of burning a sacred or medicinal herb to cleanse a space person or item. It has been practiced by countless cultures around the world. When the herb is burned the smoke rises and fills the air thus detoxifying and purifying any bacteria in the atmosphere. Many individuals choose to pray, meditate, or chant mantras during the smudging process. It is widely believed that while the smoke rises to cleanse the air it also carries our thoughts intentions and prayers up into the universe aiding in uniting earth, heaven, and humanity. Though the process is spiritual by nature it does not always have to be. If you are not spiritual don’t worry you can still benefit from the the detoxification of the atmosphere as it provides unique health benefits. 
Now that you know what it is you might be wondering what all is needed. The answer is simple, you only need the herb and a fire source to light that herb. Sage is the most common herb used in the smudging process but cedar, lavender and a special wood named Palo Santo are amongst many others that are also widely used.
Now that you know what it is as well as what is needed, you might have a question about the process. How does one smudge?!
That answer is a little more complex as there are various methods and rituals people use depending on their differing beliefs. But the great part about spirituality is that there is no one right way! I have a couple of methods that I use regularly, however, I’ll explain the most basic and common method.
MY METHOD: Before beginning I like to open a door or window. It is my belief that the negative energy has to have the freedom to escape!  My next step is to clear my mind and bring my intentions into focus. Intent is key when manifesting or praying. I then light the sage (or other herb) with a candle and use a natural feather to fan the sage out in order to distribute the smoke out into the atmosphere. I then pray and recite specific mantras. One of my favorites is “Turn Darkness Into Light”. But I do use several others. The Lord’s Prayer is also a favorite for those in the Christian faith. Choose a mantra that you whole heartedly believe and wish to see manifest. Again intent is key so try to keep from mental clutter or unnecessary thoughts. It’s just that simple! Remember intent is key as well as finding a ritual that is important you! Now you can go out and practice the sacred art of smudging yourself! Love and Light 


  • Jamal Tate

    This was such an insightful blog! I am so excited to start smudging!👍🏽👍🏽

  • Trent Brunson

    Great Read! I’ll try it out.

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