Raw Wrapped Crystal Necklace

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Our Pure Dove Raw Wrapped Crystals come in a variety of crystal choices. All varieties are 100% natural raw cut stones. Each stone has a different meaning depending on the vibrational energy it emits. Our Raw Wrapped crystals come on a stainless steel gold plated beaded chain. 

Clear Quartz- aids your intuition, cleanse energy, strong protection 

Amethyst- strengthens your intuition, aids with vivid dreams, strong protection, and increased creativity 

Rose Quartz- wholistic love, strengthens empathy, compassion, and friendship 

Fluorite- Strong grounding and protection, aids with concentration and focus, 

Calcite- strengthens your power, confidence, and motivation 

*Important Note- this product is a raw stone and it is also hand wrapped  therefore size and stylistic design may differ slightly from the photo. NO TWO STONES ARE EXACTLY ALIKE!